Retrogrades and Time

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Retrogrades, Chaos, Eclipses, Gemini Season. What a whirlwind. The lunar eclipse was intense and telling. And we have a grand total of four planets in retrograde and will have to gear up for more! The big question is: should we be worried? I can certainly understand why it seems overwhelming and how planetary movements can get us flustered a bit. Sometimes, retrogrades are like those pesky reversed Tarot card meanings that we don’t often like. But let’s think about this. What do retrogrades symbolize ultimately? In this blog post, I attempt to dissect the astronomical and spiritual effects of planetary retrogrades on us collectively. Of course, each person will experience things differently, by sign, personality type, numerology, birthplace, cultural conditioning, and many other factors. This is in no way a substitute for astrological consultation, Western or Vedic. These are musings from my viewpoint on what we can do when there are changes in planetary movement. We also cannot ignore what is happening now because it feels apocalyptic in nature. Besides the pandemic we face, we have several crises on our hands. We continue to fight against racism and inequality, against violence. It hurts us on a soul level because we are all connected, and we cannot turn a blind eye to inhumane behavior and racism. We will discuss this more in later blogs, but the next one will deal with cultural appropriation vs adoption.

First things first, we are in a seasonal change. I really like when this happens because it is the intermediary between spring and summer, a transitionary period. It could not be more important than ever to focus our strengths on reflection and rebuilding right now. It feels a bit like a twisted limbo. Truthfully speaking, that is not far from the reality. This is precisely why there is so much change and transmutation of many things—things we expected would proceed in an orderly fashion. But the very fabric of our world is unraveling. In terms of the changing season, this period brings a lot of funky vibrations to the forefront. If you feel off-kilter or polarized in some areas, getting in touch with the elements may help you shift your balance. If you haven’t felt it yet, perhaps you are experiencing other effects in your life, and that is perfectly okay. The thing to remember is that we are rebuilding in this transitionary phase. We are reflecting on current planetary retrogrades and the changes they effect on our lives. But they tell us that we can hit restore and begin again. Because like the phoenix, we will also rise.

When we think of the planets in retrograde now, we may think it makes sense why things are so chaotic today. Here are the planets in question: Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. These four planets are crucial elements in our cosmic makeup. Strictly speaking from a scientific point of view, Jupiter and Saturn, the gas giants of our solar system, play a part in keeping asteroids away from us because of their gravities affecting one another (though there’s a caveat with that but that’s for a different discussion). And Venus, often called our sister planet, shows us how similar she was once to Earth—some even believe that Venus once held life. Today, Venus has an atmosphere 75 times that of Earth with temperatures exceeding 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit! Then we have Pluto, a small and cold planet, a mystery unto itself, so far away from our sun. It was demoted as a planet and then reinstated as one of the five dwarf planets. So, why do planets and their motions affect us? Scientifically speaking, planets, objects and celestial bodies all exert a certain amount of force. The gravity of planets affects objects near and around them. It has an astronomical effect on everything, like a cosmic chain. Going further, spiritually we ascribe them to an immutable force, celestial and cosmic deities if you will.

So let’s talk retrogrades! Pluto is the planet I want to address first. Pluto’s retrograde is a shadow reflection period. There may be old wounds resurfacing that need tending to with a loving heart. This was especially notable for me. I saw how much my own past reappeared in my dreams as fears of loss and feelings of shame and guilt. I thought I’d put to rest some issues only to discover that I was still holding on to them. It made me take a hard look at myself and be objective. I think of the shadow work I did in the spring. It’s an ongoing process, and that was my takeaway from Pluto’s Rx. Perhaps, it will serve as a reminder to be gentle with yourself too which segues right into Venus Rx. The theme here is self-care and self-love are absolutes right now. I do not say this lightly. It is so much easier said than done. Venus Rx reminds us to look within to find the light of love in our hearts—to find the wounds that need the loving energy of our full being, to heal those broken pieces (like Pluto). Venus Rx reveals many of the effects of disharmony in our love and filial relationships. The key is to embrace the disharmony and transmute it. Again, easier said than done. I am no expert or psychologist—but if you want to use Venus Rx as a reflective period to bring harmony back into your life, find ways to self-soothe and comfort yourself as you would a loved one. Give yourself 100% love and pampering.

Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde tell us a lot about growth and learning and time. Chaos can be transmuted too. Our new normal is fraught with chaos, fear, injustice, and pain—disease and loss. Saturn is the ruler of time—and right now, it feels like time is both slow and swift. It feels out of control. But Saturn Rx reminds us that we do have time. We have time to go beyond—to really focus on our goals. Believe it or not, we can manifest even now—time is relative. Seeds may take longer to grow, but they will grow. Saturn Rx can be chaotic—we have no concept of something outside of time—but we have time. Time is not getting away from us. Now on to Jupiter! Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is referred to as Guru. I like to think of Jupiter as the teacher, the strength-maker, and the ruler of knowledge. These are just my views—you may have a different perspective, and that is valid too. Think of lessons you have learned or are learning during this time or lessons you want to teach, especially if you are a teacher. What keeps popping up for you? Moreover, Jupiter Rx may call on you to seek new knowledge or to expand your knowledge on something you already know.

Thank you for making it this far! Again, this post is my impression of the planetary retrogrades. I’ve spoken from a really personal standpoint. I am not an astrologer or psychologist. Please consult the appropriate parties for proper counsel if you need. However, what I offer here is just a perspective which you may find resonates with you or gives you a different way of looking at something. May the retrogrades bless you and may the tides turn in your favor, beloved reader. Namaste. With love, the Foxy Witch.

Cosmic Fuel and Spiritual Nourishment

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In our world today, many of us are turning to spirituality in our hour of need. For the first time in a long time, we are forced to be alone with our thoughts. Yes we may busy ourselves with tasks, working from home, cooking, working out, etc. However, the fact remains that as a result of the quarantine, we are having to spend more time listening to the thoughts that our 24/7 busy minds used to push down. We may feel restless, anxious, depressed, and alone. For those of us in serious isolation, this can be terrifying. As an introvert and homebody, I have no issue being at home, but I do mind confinement. The lack of freedom wears me down sometimes. This is where my spiritual practice comes into play. We often seek spirituality to comfort and guide us during times of difficulty. But it poses this question too: Can we also stay spirituality intact when times are good? Our topic today is about keeping ourselves spiritually nourished and cosmically centered.

What does it mean to be spiritually nourished? First, let’s start by breaking down what “spiritual” means. Here is a basic paraphrase of the dictionary definition: Relating to the spirit, sacred matters, and the supernatural. ( Merriam Webster also gives us synonyms to associate the word with such as incorporeal, ethereal, without a tangible form, and so on. When we see the word spiritual, perhaps we refer to a religious connotation. Whatever it may be, whenever we think of being whole or living a holistic life, we tend to include the spiritual aspect. We are constantly told to keep our bodies nutritionally replete and our mental health sound. But spiritually, we need nourishment too. Spiritual nutrients are like highly individualized energetic fuel for the subtle body or the ethereal. I like to think of it as a cosmic food source, complete with divinity and stardust. So, how do we spiritually nourish ourselves?

One of the key components for any witch, psychic, empath, Reiki practitioner, or anyone who works with energy or magick is in ensuring that their energy levels are up because depletion is common for us. To be honest, it is common regardless of spiritual classifications; even an atheist can fall victim to the elusive dangers of energetic drains. In order to avoid this issue, spiritual fuel is necessary. So, what does that look like? As mentioned earlier, it is so individualized that I can only offer my perspective on it. Ask yourself, what fills your soul with clean energy? What makes you feel rejuvenated? For some of us, ecstatic dancing and yoga help us feel closer to the divine. For others, it’s quiet reflection or meditation on their deity or deities. Writing and drawing, listening to music, and deep breathing are also options. How I feel spiritually fulfilled is in using those methods as well as taking care of my physical body through proper eating, exercise, and getting adequate sleep. I also do morning and nightly devotionals to my deities and rituals during specific times of the year. I dedicate all of my work, mundane and spiritual, to the Divine and the Collective (No, not the Borg, phew! I know my fellow Trekkies are reading this 😊) I also focus my energy inward to listen to my intuition. As an empath, this is the most important factor. Gut instincts can save lives. I repeat. Gut instincts can save lives! Be in tune with your feelings. Counselor Troi would agree 😉

I set a ritual practice daily—habits tend to help me stay focused and cosmically centered. From my daily devotionals to meaningful reading, I try to keep my habits routine and timely. Firstly, I’m obsessed with deep space and stardust so I’m constantly finding a way to go to a state of cosmic consciousness. To stay centered, I listen to healing frequencies, space ambient music, then dim the lights and concentrate my energy on a focal point. Sometimes, I will chant Om or pray to a god or goddess and begin my Reiki practice of self-healing. When I do this, I feel warm and occasionally fiery energy funnel through me and extend outward. Given this current climate, I focus that energy externally. This can lead me into altered states sometimes, so I will anchor myself physically first. One can do this a number of ways. I personally use an obsidian or hematite stone in my non-dominant hand to keep my awareness in the present or make sure that a strong incense or scent is in my space because that also keeps me tethered.

After doing any kind of energy work, I will eat something and drink my own concoction of healing tea to replenish what I’ve expended. What I found useful to regain my strength is in eating something earthy and grounding like nuts, seeds, potatoes, squash, or a protein-rich snack. My body actually gets overheated during this process so grounding foods cool me down. Also, warm teas and hot water aid in soothing the body. These are from personal practices steeped in both Ayurvedic techniques I’ve learned growing up as well as in my own creations through experimentation. As I’ve said before, energy work, spiritual fuel, and foods are highly individualized. Use your best judgment in that regard. You’ll learn by experimenting what works and doesn’t. But having a daily practice helps you stay focused, healthy, and spiritually nourished.

Thank you for reading! The next topic will be about empaths, energy vampirism, and how even empaths get accused of vampirism. Stay tuned! Blessings to you all. Namaste. With love, the Foxy Witch.