Love in the time of Corona

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Love. Ah yes, love. It’s been on my mind lately. I believe it’s the one thing that reigns supreme in the universe. That four-letter word is both the most wonderful emotion as well as the most painful. The poets and bards of old would serenade us with ballads and sonnets about everything from wooing someone to the heartbreak of unrequited love. Romantic love is a pursuit that many of us undertake at some point. It is a tale as old as time, and yet it is a tale that will remain eternal too. Of course, we want everlasting love. And in order to find that love, we once used to frequently consult astrologers and matchmakers. Some even brewed concoctions and love potions to attract a lover or keep a lover faithful. Today, we seek it online or go to speed dating events, meet-ups, etc. While people still consult their astrologers, use love potions or more specifically, love magick today, the way we do things has changed. So as promised, the surprise topic for this blog post is on love with a brief segue into love magick, and more importantly, how we can keep love alive during crises.

When I was thinking about what to write on last week—I hit a wall. I wasn’t sure what to cover given the anxieties and fears that plague us all at the moment. But then I saw a meme on social media that suggested that we revert to Victorian modes of courtship, Jane Austen style. It struck me as poignant and funny simultaneously. What an idea! How does one cope with the dating scene when we are confined to our homes and advised to physically distance ourselves from others? And how we can use love magick to bring love into our lives or make our current love lives better? I gave it a lot of thought. The timing of love does not always feel convenient but is often unexpected. When we engage in attracting love into our lives, we are sending a specific wish out into the universe. We can call it manifesting, good vibes, frequencies, or anything similar. What we are doing ultimately is transmitting a message on an energetic level. If we transform our thoughts to those of loving compassion and universal love, we will find that we spread that energy around full circle.

Loving energy is challenging because the self-love aspect needs to be front and center—it is easier said than done, but self-love is knowing your worth and being able to treat yourself the way you would to someone you love. And this in turn increases your capacity to love others—because they end up becoming reflections of yourself. Love magick resonates at this frequency. We can attract what we are far better than what we think we want. In order to manifest our desires, it is useful to become what it is we seek. That being said, circumstances beyond our control can occur in spite of positive reinforcement and manifestation. Moreover, if you are struggling with depression or other mental health issues, please note that magick and witchcraft is not a substitute for therapy or medications. In situations such as the current crisis we face, it may feel like we’ve put the pause button on love. However, we can find creative ways to express love for ourselves and for others.

If you are single and looking for ways to attract love into your life, despair not! Practice more love for yourself right now. The more you love yourself, the better this process will be. For starters, begin your morning with a mantra and meditate on it for at least five minutes. You can use this or make up one of your own: I am deserving of the best love in my life. Believe in this! Why? Because you are deserving of the best love in your life. Words have power and meaning so believe in them. The second thing to do is to write a love letter to yourself. Yes, really. As you write this letter, (and it can be simple) I want you to visualize exactly the type of love you want to receive. Your energy, intent, and passion matter. Keep a list of what you want in a person and visit that list often. Avoid making lists of who or what you don’t want. You already know what you don’t want anyway, right?! Third, any kind of attraction spells and love magick can be done over the new moon or for renewed passion, the full moon. But give yourself the love you deserve first. I make no guarantees in what works or doesn’t work—it is individual, karmic, cosmic, and dependent on what energy resonates where—however, what I do know is that self-love benefits all of us. And when we all have self-love and compassion, it’s a win for the collective.

If you are not single, you are probably closeted with your significant other or perhaps far away and having to use FaceTime or Whats App. Despair not, lovers! Keeping love alive is so critical right now. There’s no reason to halt romance—try a little poetry (I mean it worked for some of those bards) or cooking together, and better yet, watching movies together—Zoom and FaceTime are great for this if you are separated by distance. For those who live together, this is an excellent time to go on staycation dates. Use spices in your cooking and make use of chocolate for dessert if you can. For increased passion, dim the lights early—use red candles anointed with almond oil and rose petals and take a spiritual bath. Listen to loving melodies and give yourself extra love and then transfer it to your partner. It can be energetic as well as physical. If you are away from your partner, extra self-love is even more necessary. If you do not have access to red candles, spices, chocolate, oils, or rose petals, that’s okay! Just use what you do have. Let your creativity flow. Your intent and your love are what matters most. So be your best lover. And if you are not looking for romance, filial love and friendship are also beautiful ways to bond while social distancing. Thankfully technology does let us see each other in a manner of speaking!

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting more on love magick and its ethics as well as a further, detailed look into my personal trance work. Thank you for reading. Blessings. Namaste. With love, the Foxy Witch.