The Cosmic Wave: Science Magick

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Welcome lovely readers to Spooky Season! I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. But I will hopefully be writing more soon. This month’s topic is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while: science and religion/spirituality and why science magick is actually incredible. Let’s start with the first part though. Science and religion/spirituality. I’ll expand more on spirituality because there are some differences between religion and spirituality, but let’s talk about science and religion first. I have always wondered why they have been at odds for so long. It seemed like there was once an understanding between the two. Astrology, for example, was a deeply respected art. It utilized fundamental astronomical principles and was considered a kind of science itself. The challenge today is the polarization within the scientific and religious/spiritual communities.

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A lot of religions do come with dogma, rules, and creed. There are some things morally that most of us agree on, no doubt. However, some other tenets or beliefs may not suit everyone else. And others do not suit the modern era. These are all things we try to understand and find ways to adapt it to the respective situations. It becomes a problem when the dogmatic stance is unyielding. Perhaps, this is an oxymoron. Dogma, by definition, is fixed.  

If something doesn’t give way, it is firmly rooted. Understandably, faith in something tends to be that way. But it isn’t applicable to religion alone. Indeed, faith in science is foundational for most of us in terms of ecology, our bodies, the weather, food, and more. Without a basic understanding of science, our knowledge will likely be conjecture. In some ways, much of knowledge itself begins with speculation, then inquiry, after which there’s study, and empirical data, and so on. We operate similarly from a space of inquiry when it comes to religion and spirituality. In many ways, the quest for truth stems from the same place. The execution, however, is the key difference.

Why did science and religion part ways? Well, there are some theories. One area was vastly expanding. Another area was more of a rooted foundation. Imagine the suit of Swords in Tarot engaging in action with the suit of Pentacles. Swords is associated with intellect and air, like science. Religion is planted deep in the earth. Neither one can make great waves against or with each other. They remain neutral. Science is constantly moving and evolving. Outside of religion, we also have spirituality—a little more movement perhaps—which is not to say that some religions don’t move.

Can spirituality then act as the bridge between science and religion? Is there a happy medium? I believe there is. I think science is a magickal art. It is human resourcefulness at the genius level if I’m being honest. Science combines the best of the Wands and Swords suits in the Tarot. It represents innovation, exploration, intellect, and logic. Religion falls under the umbrella of the Cups and Pentacles suit. It represents intuition, emotions, home, hearth, and family. The four suits, Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles are a harmonious elemental quartet that animate this world. Then there’s ether, spirituality.

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This may surprise some people, but I consider myself religious, spiritual, and scientific simultaneously. Why? Because I don’t see stark differences between the three and because I’ve delved deep into science magick, an alchemy if you will. It sounds geeky, but indulge me here a moment. I believe science magick is the ultimate mystical tool to have under your belt. There is a hybridization in our thinking of the universe in general if we look at how things have evolved. Let’s frame it this way. Science allows us to study the natural world, the physics of our reality, space, and the way things work. Religion and spirituality allow us to study the metaphysical world, the intuitive side, and our personal mental strengths. If we look at them together, we see that they can arrange themselves to form the “as above, so below” model.

Science magick is one way to connect our energies to the natural and observable universe. We can live intuitively and work with the rhythms of the universe. There is a musicality, a geometric, quantum beauty in the way things operate on this planet and in the celestial sky. Planetary magick, geomancy, and sky divination are all tools I use. I study the secular sciences alongside the metaphysical like true sidereal and Vedic astrology, so that I can, from a physical and quantum level, create and craft spells of my own. For instance, there’s a mathematical and magickal quality to sigil workings. So, I’ll say this: science magick is a gift. Because it assumes that there is a magickal quality to the study of science itself.

I will be writing about some of the science magick I personally do in detail later. But I wanted to leave you with this thought: where does our knowledge originate from? Our ability to speak, to communicate without words, to intuit, to study the way the things work, to dance, to building incredible things, and more, where do they all come from? It may seem random. It may seem like organized chaos. But there is a pattern to what feels like a cacophony and symphony that co-exists in the universe—the polarity of creation and destruction. What we do know is this. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply just is. It can however transform. Such is the nature of the universe. Such is the nature of our own existence too in the quantum sense.

That’s it for now. If you made it this far, I thank you! The next topic will deal with Tarot Magick and Empathic Energy work. Until next time, happy Samhain, Harvest, and Witches’ New Year. Blessings. With love, the Foxy Witch.