Realms of Possibility

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So…after a bit of soul work, I am writing more again and feel inspired to write. Before we get to our topic of the week, I would like to share something with all of you. I tend to get reflective as we get closer to the end of a year, but it seems especially important for 2020, and even more so after the winter solstice and conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn! So, I wanted to review whether I met my goals for this year. Did I finish the Kali book according to my summer deadline? Sadly, that one is a no. But I am going to finish it. I also now have three working manuscripts: The Kali book, a personal memoir, and a sci-fi novel. There is a lot of research and editing in progress at present, but it’s progressing, nevertheless. So, while I am disappointed at not meeting my personal deadline—I’m happy to say that I made some serious headway on the Kali book and have more information to include. With that, let’s talk about different realms and inevitably, we will end up discussing altered states. I feel this is a good time to discuss them especially as all the cosmic shifts continue to unveil and reveal themselves to us like many de-cloaking spaceships, appearing one by one or sometimes simultaneously. I know, I know, I’m a hardcore Trekkie and space science and sci-fi nerd 😉

First, we need to look at what we mean when we use the term different realms. The word realm refers to a place ruled by a monarch, an area of activity or knowledge (Merriam-Webster). In the spiritual sense, a realm refers to a physical or more often, liminal space. What we mean by liminal is the threshold between the physical and non-corporeal or the “in-between”. This is where our understanding of etheric or subtle body perceptions come into play. This leads us to altered states. If you have ever experienced it, you may have different ways of expressing what it was like. However, most of us can agree that it is different from being asleep and dreaming. Some sensations produce similar dream-like states, but the line between the unconscious and conscious is blurred a little—what is obscured in the physical is visible in the altered state.

An altered state can be understood as a state between consciousness and dreaming. One can remain anchored physically but travel to a spirit realm or an astral realm through etheric means. This brings us to an interesting question. What is the difference between the two realms? Let’s talk about the spirit realm first. As implied by the word spirit, it is the abode of spirits. Ancestors and guardian spirits may walk the realm. And souls ready to take on new bodies and reincarnate may exist there or they may be at the end of the journey, preparing to move on to the cosmos to become and realize they are the Source—at least that is my take on it. You might have a different view, and that is perfectly all right. “Okay Foxy Witch, but isn’t the astral realm the same thing?” Good question. I used to think so once. But as it turns out, they’re not. The astral realm does not necessarily mean spirit realm, although you can encounter spirits. What I’ve found is that the astral realm is not so different from our physical world. There are elements of our world strewn throughout. But things normally hidden from the conscious and physical realm make themselves known in the astral. It’s like navigating the element of air in a way—in our waking state, we only have cognition and physical sensations to let us know that air exists (sure, there are scientific methods to measure it, even see it displayed on monitors for activity), but this way we are getting to see it in the astral. What we cannot see with our naked eyes are made manifest in the astral realm.

I have been experiencing altered states lately through meditation and sometimes glimpse it while running. Now before I delve any further, I want to let everyone know that I do not use any hallucinogenic substances natural or otherwise to induce such a state—and I am not judging anyone who does. It is up to each practitioner. Plants and herbal substances have been used for a long time in various cultures for different reasons. Disclaimer here, though it is self-explanatory—if you use any herbs or medicinal substances, please make sure to take the necessary precautions and be in a safe space. I am not advocating for or against the use of herbal substances. Things do not need to be done exactly one way or the other. What is important is SAFETY FIRST above all else no matter what the circumstances or preference. As I said before, I do not use anything with hallucinogenic or psychoactive properties. What I do use are crystals, saltwater, and incense. The incense helps me anchor to something solid because a sense of smell lets me know where I am. The crystals ground me and cool me down, and the saltwater helps me cleanse when I am done. Some suggested herbs to burn are mugwort, bay leaves, and mixing a little bit of dragon’s blood resin with it. I like those too.

Deep meditation with singing bowls or certain types of music can induce that state. It all begins with the breath. I also do adequate preparation. I will eat light, do specific healing exercises after energetic ones, and take a ritual bath. I will journal to de-clutter my mind. I set up sacred space, take stock of my surroundings before I close my eyes and then focus my attention on the breath and all sensations physically. I have music playing in the background. And then I count backwards from a certain number. This opens me up quickly. Mat Auryn’s Psychic Witch book describes this exercise and much more. I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in developing intuition, understanding psychic energy, and utilizing it in your practice. As I said before the countdown exercise keeps me single point focused. I’m least likely to be distracted physically as a result. Once that is done, I will watch what comes through. Sometimes I end up in the astral realm where I might see someone familiar, a guide perhaps, and travel back to past memories, including past life ones. Yes, even that can happen! In the interest of space and how long this already is, I’ll talk more about the spirit realm and some ancestral traditions in another blog post.

In a walking meditation or when I’m running, I am anchored physically by the earth because my feet hits the ground, but I may also feel weightless or floaty. I am fully aware still. I know where I am, the street names, and which direction to go—but I’ll have flashes of things that come up, in sentient or cognitive ways. I’m here and also elsewhere is the way I’d use to describe it. But knowing how to properly anchor is so, so, so, so important here. I cannot stress that enough. I keep myself laser focused on the pacing, the direction, and the heart rate when I run so I cannot zone out. I watch out for cars, bicycles, kids playing, etc. So, I never give in to an altered state while running. NEVER. These flashes happen in the conscious for me, not the threshold state. I want to make that clear, because any vigorous activity like running requires tremendous focus on the physical. Word to the wise, avoid trancing out while operating machinery or working out! And one final thing, what does the altered state or trance experience mean or why should anyone even attempt it? I find that it helps me understand the subtle workings of energetic vibrations. It allows me to sense things better; as an empath I find this useful. It can also help us find the root and deeper causes to ancestral trauma, energy sicknesses, nightmares, and more. I will revisit this topic later on in future posts since there is more to say on it.

If you survived reading this far, thank you. If you didn’t, I understand. It was a very long one! The next post is all about Tarot! 😉 Thank you for sticking with me until the end of 2020, lovely readers. Until next time, happy new year! Namaste. With love, Foxy Witch.

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