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Super full blood moon Flower Moon and a lunar eclipse and retrogrades, and UFOs say what?! It seems like every day something new is being discovered. If you’re anything like me, this full moon and lunar eclipse was bizarre. It’s like the world turned itself upside down, then inside out. The pandemic might be letting up, yet we hear of the desperate and scary situation in other places, like India. Cautious optimism seems like a luxury. Overall, the energy is jittery. If ever we needed some reassurance, it is now.  If it feels like things are going in circles, it probably is! But it will get better soon. Let’s talk about why people get antsy around Mercury Retrograde in particular. We also have Saturn Retrograde to contend with and strange happenings in the sky all around. UFOs! No, they’re not aliens. But they are interesting to explore in the grand scheme of things. And that is a subject for another blog post. This is just a hint of what’s to follow in later blog posts!

Mercury is the messenger planet. We often worry that our communications will break down or that the energy will be too intense for some people. But the truth is—Mercury can be a good friend to us in times of joy and sorrow. In order to explore that, it might help to know where Mercury is placed in your birth chart. I go by Vedic astrological placements in the sidereal natal chart, so they tend to differ from tropical astrology. Nevertheless, whatever your preference, remember to look at Mercury holistically. If we think about Mercury in terms of its proximity to the sun, we can use the analogy of leaning too close to the fire, lest we be burned! Avoidance of hasty decision-making during this time is important—it’s probably important regardless. Being hasty or in a rush can be problematic in general after all. Being mindful of how we say things can also be a plus point during retrograde. Again, this is a good plan of action all the time.

We’ve all heard the expression: don’t shoot the messenger. Yep. Mercury is that guy! Retrograde does not have to mean we blame every techno-hiccup or verbal mishap on Mercury Retrograde. We can look inwards to see how we are communicating with ourselves. Are we being kind to ourselves? What does our inner voice sound like? This is critical, in my opinion. If we cannot hear ourselves, then what are we listening to? As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the things that we take in are not just things we eat. We nourish our minds too. The news is filled with things that frighten us. Social media is both a blessing and a curse. How do we nourish ourselves emotionally and spiritually during this time? And it’s not as simple as just doing something fun and distracting/distancing ourselves from stressors. We have to go further than that, deep down into the recesses of our darkest corners. What we find there will reveal who we really are underneath the layers we grow to protect ourselves. Our focus this retrograde is on the wild, the untapped potential in the dark, the raw and primal force within.

To tap into this reservoir, we can journey—imagine you are on a quest, a hero’s quest to find treasure hidden in a cave. What kind of treasures does this cave hold? Believe me, there are beautiful things in there! Our journey can begin with a meditation or a calming walk. Meditation does not always have to be sitting still with eyes closed—sometimes it is in being able to connect to nature. Do you have a park or a garden where you can safely walk? One way is to listen to the sounds of the birds, the wind, and feel the ground beneath your feet (yes, even with shoes on 😉). Take it all in. Then think back to a time where you felt this freedom. Call in that version of yourself and ask that person what your wish is for the future. This isn’t an exercise in counting regrets. This is just a pure, unfiltered wish. The words we choose to use on ourselves is more important than any words. They can change who we are in an instant. This Mercury retrograde, let’s focus on our inner language. As for Saturn, the focus is on our karma—how we can secure our spot in the hall of karmic fame. Just kidding. It is a way for us to build good credit. We cannot control outside circumstances, but we have control over ourselves. By working towards the future in a positive light, we build up positive karma. Saturn moves and is darker and more shadowy. I again invite and encourage you to make friends with your shadows. The unfiltered you is there too.

This was less lengthy than my previous blogs, but I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be updating sooner. Be well, beloved readers. Namaste. With love, the Foxy Witch.

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